PoE+ and Connector Selection

Examining the potential for contact damage

One consideration when moving to PoE+ is how the higher wattage affects connector selection.

Due to the increased wattage involved, sparks will occur when disconnecting patch leads when devices are under load. This occurs during moves, adds and changes to the network when the PoE+ devices are active. These sparks are usually not noticeable to installers and do not represent a personal safety hazard, but over time they will damage contacts on a typical RJ45 jack.

Therefore, connectivity suppliers need to make additional tests to ensure the damage does not affect the connector durability. Nexans R&D tests show that on LANmark connectors, any damage caused by sparks will not degrade performance over time because the mated contact point is different from the area where sparking could occur. 

Nexans LANmark connectors are therefore fully compatible with PoE+.