Nexans delivers high yields for Finland’s dairy farmers

Cabling solutions are used in some of the most unusual places. In Finland for example, LANmark systems are being deployed on dairy farms as part of a solution designed to maximise milking yields.

The milking sheds is a harsh environment – detergents and water sprays are in constant use, there are high levels of humidity, gases and chemicals.

Cabling also comes under physical stress – with hundreds of cows often crammed into a confined space. Amidst this chaos it is hard to control where the animals will place their considerable weight.

Reliability is vital to efficiency. To maximise efficiency, farmers must stick to strict daily cycles of feeding and milking. Break the routine and yields will go down so it’s vital to have a robust and reliable solution – and one that can be repaired quickly.

Nexans solutions meet all these requirements. That’s why Finnish installer Tampereen SähköPalvelu Oy, has provided them to more than 80 farms. The customer benefits from having a dependable cabling solution, capable of withstanding the stresses and strains of a working farm. As they are modular, Nexans solutions are also flexible and easy to deploy in such challenging conditions. They are also easier to repair – should a
connection be broken by a stray hoof, it can be fixed quickly and at low cost.

In this way, Nexans is helping Finland’s dairy farmers to maximise their yields and deliver the highest quality milk at competitive prices.