The leading Cat6A cabling system in the market!

Nexans LANmark-6A is verified by Delta as the first component compliant screened connector, exceeding the most stringent Cat 6A standard available today - IEC 60603-7-51.

Best on the Market

This gives Nexans the highest performing Cat 6A cabling system available providing :

  • guaranteed superior channel headroom for :
    • NEXT (2dB)
    • Return Loss (2dB)
    • Alien Crosstalk (15dB) (No expensive AXT testing required)
  • No '*' passes
  • Interoperability due to component compliance
  • Ability to install short links in data centres 

Optimising Short Link Applications
The new LANmark-6A range offers up to three connection points within a 10m link. This makes it an ideal solution for modern data centres that are already facing severe space problems and where overlength cable is often installed in order to comply with a traditional minimum channel length of 24 metres. By reducing this minimum length, data centres no longer need to install unnecessary excess cable, therefore reducing costs whilst also saving critical space.