From maintenance to training

MAINTENANCE : increase your asset's lifetime

tempositeNexans is an active manufacturer of traditional fluid-filled cables and accessories as well as latest-generation XLPE cables. As such, we can offer :

  • predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Through-Life Support
  • emergency intervention
  • temporary construction site cables, up to 220kV
  • MV customized accessory kits, containing all equipment and pre-connectorized, pre-cut cables for splicing or making connections



SuperconductorsSuperconducting Fault Current Limiters (SFCL) provide short-circuit protection. Vattenfall (Germany) installed the world's first High Temperature SFCL in a coal power plant protecting the MV power supply for the coal mills and crushers.
Another 2 HTSFCL will be installed for Western Power Distribution in the UK.
This technology is fully mature, with further significant orders to be announced.


  • Life CycleNexans Life Cycle Assessment : to determine the best environmental solution for your network. Using this method, the full ecological footprint of a product can be measured.
  • Dismantling in an eco-friendly way, and recycling as secondary raw materials (copper, aluminum and plastics)
  • Reuse existing infrastructure


TRAINING : keep and extend­ the know how

  • trainingHV Training Center : aims at standardizing installation and methodology, and provides theoretical and basic training for jointers, engineers, maintenance personnel, network managers,...
  • MV Training Center
  • Power Accessories training