Solutions to enhance Transmission reliability

Increase assets lifetime with adapted maintenance

maintenanceOnly an active manufacturer of traditional fluid-filled cables and accessories and latest-generation XLPE cables can provide Through-Life Support, either as single modules adapted to special needs, or as a complete service package which includes predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance, and emergency intervention. Nexans is maintaining networks for power utilities worldwide.

Keep the know how with hands on training

trainingNexans is dedicated to keeping expertise alive through special training programs for its customers. The Nexans HV Training Centre, based in Switzerland aims at standardizing installation and methodology, and providing theoretical and basic training for everyone involved in cable systems: jointers, engineers, maintenance personnel, network managers, etc.
This service is also available from Nexans Power Accessories in France and Belgium for Medium Voltage Networks.

Avoid outages and restore power faster

cat-1For excessive sag and broken conductor detection, Nexans uses the capability of its CAT -1 solution for overhead transmission lines. This technology allows utilities to identify and fix soon enough ice events creating excessive conductor sag, but also to quickly locate broken conductors resulting from exceptional weather events.

Keep the power on with temporary site cables

tempositeTemporary construction site cables are HV replacement cables – now up to 220 kV - that are used during the maintenance, repair and modification of your overhead lines, transformers and substations. They provide a temporary “bridge” or a source of emergency power. They can either be purchased or rented, and allow you to reduce outages and increase the availability of all your network assets.