Solutions presenting citizen benefits

Who said Superconductors are not commercial solutions?

SuperconductorsA combination of 10 kV HTS cable and Superconducting Fault Current Limiter is today supplying power to the city center of ESSEN (Germany), replacing a 110 kV conventional cable. As a consequence, this example demonstrates that it is possible to replace a huge HV substation in a dense city center by a medium voltage substation which requires by far less space.

Nexans’ customer RWE has highlighted the key improvement for ESSEN citizens, as the system has no thermal or electromagnetic impact on the environment, and is re-using existing right of way, together with pushing the huge HV transformers outside the city limits.

For the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) in NY, Nexans had installed in 2008 the world’s first high-voltage superconducting cable system. The 138 kV system enables transferring the same amount of power as a standard 345 kV overhead line in urban and suburban areas.

Electric Vehicles: cost is of the essence

Nexans has developed cost effective Electric Vehicle infrastructure for both inside and outside parking lots. In the frame of French Eco2CHARGE projects, intelligent solutions are experimented together with major partners among which Bouygues Energy Services and Renault.

The project aims at accelerating the deployment of electric vehicles by turning tertiary sites equipped with charging infrastructure into ­energy ecosystems where power generation, consumption and storage come together in the same place.

Turnkey solutions for the integration of renewables

Nexans supplies a full range of WINDLINK™ cables to almost every wind turbine manufacturer worldwide, and has been instrumental in developing environmentally-friendly infrastructure solutions both onshore and offshore.

Technical expertise is often provided at the design phase. We have been present in projects like Horns Rev (Denmark), Sheringham Shoal (UK) and Alpha Ventus (Germany).