Solutions for monitoring

assess-lifetimeIncrease assets lifetime by avoiding temperature excursions

Nexans makes it possible for you to adapt HV load management for both OHL (through DLR) and underground cables (through real time temperature rating system).

Cable Distributed Temperature Sensing uses optical fibre units in the surrounding sheath to determine precise temperature profiles, detect cold (due to submarine cable unburied...) or hot spots (due to hot water pipes, etc.) and allow control and monitoring of load over long distances.

G3 PLC AllianceCommunicate in all conditions

Its new Smart Grid range of Smart Accessories puts Nexans at the heart of energy transition dynamics through the development of PLC (Power Line Communication) metering and communication solutions for power distribution networks.

Nexans is implementing its new solutions in many collaborative projects and particularly in “SoGrid”, a consortium established to develop a third generation PLC chain of sensors and communication devices for end-to-end power distribution networks.

From smart meters installed at customers’ premises, to connection equipment distributed across the medium voltage network to the source substation, a comprehensive chain of devices will be deployed on French Distributor ERDF’s network in Toulouse in order to demonstrate the performance of G3 PLC during real-time control of the grid.

Advanced Metering InfrastructureTo merge energy and data networks, Nexans has developed compact and ruggedized IEC 61850 Ethernet switches especially designed for energy providers. Within an integrated network (including optical fiber and passive components), Nexans i-switches support all security mechanisms: IEC 61850 protocol, MMS, encryption, customer identity, authentication, access, surveillance, remote control, transformer monitoring, etc, and feature specialty extra fast network redundancy management.