Reduce your environmental impact

Get to know the environmental impact of your purchased solutions

Life CycleNexans Life Cycle Assessment makes it possible to compare and determine the best environmental solution for your network.
Using this method, the ecological footprint of a product can be measured, from raw material extraction to end-of-life disposal, and includes production, distribution and use.

Dismantle, recycle and get value back!

Nexans has patented a safe way for draining oil in cables with a special eco-friendly mixture that reduces residue to a minimum. Cables are recycled as secondary raw materials (copper, aluminum and plastics) through Recycable (owned jointly with Sita).

Less civil works = less impact

less civil impactFor distribution, Nexans has several MV underground applications. Directly Buried Cables free the skyline from overhead lines, and reduce truck movement and burial activities to a minimum.
Hybrid power and fiber optic cables provide important multifunction capacity for enhanced monitoring and control. Smart Accessories, able to supply information, allow you to keep a constant eye on your network.

Re-use existing infrastructure

A Nexans retrofitting solution saves civil engineering, installation costs and the time required to expand your network. Existing pipes for housing fluid-filled cables are reused to accommodate next-generation XLPE cables. With a range of high-voltage cables available, a power transmission network can continue to grow according to actual power needs, and in a sustainable way.