Smart Grid solutions for Distribution Networks

The drivers of the energy business


To transmit energy in the most efficient way over your network :

­ ­ ­
  • You need to discover hidden congestion problems due to cable type or network architecture, and to assess potential risks
  • You need corrective action where congestion creates delivery problems (reroute, share or import)
  • You require continuous monitoring and network supervision­­­

­­­­­To help you reach your requirements for Grid Efficiency, Nexans proposes :


To ensure network reliability, you need to :

­ ­ ­
  • reduce equipment failure and maintain your network in the best possible state
  • protect the value of your network over time and facilitate upgrades in the most cost-efficient way­­

­­­­­To help you reach your requirements for Power Reliability, Nexans proposes :


To meet public concerns about the environment and energy sustainability­

­ ­ ­
  • ­you­ need safe materials
  • you also need to prolong your network’s lifetime by assuring safe removal, replacement and recycling­

­­­­­To help you reach your requirements for Environmental Responsibility, Nexans proposes :

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