Daniel Østereng

Daniel is 33 years old and has been employed by Nexans since June 2014.

Daniel ØsterengThe committed Oslo boy came to Nexans with ballast from multiple employers, most recently Statoil, where he worked on contracts and procurement. He holds a Master of Science from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

After working and living in Stavanger and Bergen for some years, Daniel eventually returned to Oslo, where he has his family - and finds better time for his hobbies. Besides training much of his time is dedicated to refurbishing houses and cultivating a social life with friends.

He enjoys meeting people and looks forward to represent the company, because Nexans also is a market for non-engineers. - It is important to be proud of the job you have, says Daniel. In his job as a buyer, he admits that it's a hectic schedule with contract negotiations, hiring of equipment ranging from small things to bigger shipments. - I travel in relation to contracts and keep in contact with suppliers and customers. I also participate in supplier audits, which takes place wherever the project takes place - such as in Canada, he says.

Why Nexans?
Daniel found the position at Nexans at LinkedIn while also applying for a position at Statoil, where he accepted a job. The first visit must have sown a seed, for after two years he took new contact with Nexans and was through new interviews before he got the job. - Working here offers many challenges. It is noticed when one performs very well, and one gets more responsibility, says Daniel. - You get a lot of opportunities - if you want them.

Daniel emphasizes that Nexans consists of nice people, which he sees as important given that much of the time, after all, is spent here: - And then you have to thrive! He finds Nexans as not a too big company, and underpins this with the fact that each employer is “seen”. Another important factor is that he gets involved in all processes and has the opportunity to participate in a project, from the initial phase of the project to the delivery to the customer. - This is important because I have to know the product, because I bump into many categories: - You don’t get such liability with all other businesses, he claims.

Daniels commitment for the ambassador role stems from a desire to help to make the company more visible. He expresses amazement that the company is not better known, but believes profiling for non-engineers should be strengthened: - We have, after all, many staff functions as controllers and buyers, which should be very interesting for more people, he says.

- However, you must be careful to find the right combination – that you do not want too much, he says with a smile. And admits that he works a lot and enjoys it: - In Nexans you'll find both good environment and opportunities!