Petter Inglingstad

Petter Inglingstad (29) laboratory technician in High Voltage Laboratory in Halden. Has worked in Nexans since autumn 2011.

Petter-Inglingstad-300 Petter hails from nearby Fredrikstad and, with a father who was a contractor for some of the factory's construction projects, Petter grew up with talk of Nexans around the dinner table.  
- I always thought it sounded like an exciting place to work. I arrived as a summer temp in 2011, a stand-in job starting in March and ending in September. After that, I was offered a permanent post in the high voltage lab, tells Petter. Here he is now one of around 40 employees.
Petter Inglingstad has a background in electricity and electronics, with foundational and secondary level qualifications, and a certificate of apprenticeship in electrical engineering. He also did a year's military service as a marine electrician on board HNoMY Norge, the Royal Yacht.
Petter is keen for people with different educational backgrounds to have opportunities at Nexans.

- We need smart people, not just engineers!  One of the strengths of Nexans is that the company is good at facilitating in-house skills development, says Petter, who has personally benefited from technical further education alongside his job.

What does your job involve?
- I have an amazingly varied working day, with tasks that change depending on the projects we are working on. We are involved in the various projects from start to finish, and not much of it is purely routine, which is great. Overall, it is quite hectic in the high voltage lab since tests at various stages of manufacturing must be completed before production can move on. Plus, the high voltage lab performs tests on new types of cables.
In technical terms, we collaborate across a range of different skillsets. The engineers come up with a cable design, a test run is carried out in the tower, then we test it. We quality control trials and tests in close cooperation with the engineers, who in turn are in close dialog with the technical department. This week we are working on the final factory acceptance tests of umbilicals. This is one of the key milestones in the entire contract, and usually the client will be present on site.

Proud to work at Nexans
Petter does not hide the pride he feels in working for Nexans.
- I am proud to work in a company in Østfold which has the whole world as its market. It is very interesting to meet inspectors from all around the world. For example, there may be some cultural differences in meetings with inspectors from different countries, which I find fascinating. I also get to use my English language skills a lot. Y'know, clients will be staying in Østfold for a while and they'll have lots of questions – where's a good place to eat out, what is there to do, and so on. So we locals have to act as tour guides!

What is the company culture like?
- My impression is that we have many different cultures in the various departments, but we work together well towards the same goals. Meeting and interacting with lots of different types of people is a big part of the job. Relationships are important, and it is essential to be flexible and respect each other's different skills.