Stig Eikedal Andersen

Stig has been employed with Nexans since 2009 and has reached the age of 45.

Stig Eikedal AndersenThe forthcoming 45 year old has been regional manager for Western Norway, before he two years ago took the position as Product Manager for Heating Cables. - My fiancée lives in Spain and my life is therefore mostly work. Being domiciled in Oppegård is very convenient when the job is at Langhus.

Prior to joining Nexans he was 11 years in Bergen at Nera where he worked with wireless telecommunications. He experienced the transition to cables as a little abrupt, but with his theoretical background from NTNU, engineer in electronics, it did not take long before he was fully operational.

His time as an exchange student in the US has largely contributed to his fascination for traveling, and the job has so far allowed him to visit exotic places as Russia and China. Despite growing up in Eikedal with alpine skiing, he no longer finds as much time as he could wish for sporting activities. - I've become a proper "pen pusher", he comments with a smile.

His job is to liaise with a largely technical environment at Langhus and district managers in Norway - and wholesale customers - with technical questions; he finds this very interesting. Handling pop-up questions from private people is also part of his work, and exactly this is something he thrives well with.

Another part of his work is to keep materials such as brochures and catalogs updated and certify products for export. In addition, he runs courses and training of students and customers. Stig find it most satisfying that not every day is alike.

Unique with Nexans?
- What I feel is very nice and great with Nexans is the possibility of internal relocation, getting new tasks and challenges. Stig emphasizes that as a rookie one quickly experience whether Nexans is a company that fits you and is a place you can imagine staying with. - That's felt early, he says, and underpins that with his notion of that Nexans was a company he would pursue - and vice versa - that Nexans would invest in him and his future career.

- I work in a great department with nine people, says Stig. - We go well together and pull as a team, it's a good environment. Stig expands slightly; - To thrive at work is for me not dependent on making  the most money, but to look forward to going to work – that is the most important factor.
He is motivated by knowing that he has helped someone who is satisfied. - To get good feedback, that stimulates, he emphasizes.

Why Nexans?
Nexans was a little indistinct company to Stig, though a large company in the Norwegian context, but he had not heard much about it. His father was an electrician and was well aware of Nexans as producing good products. His brother was in an environment where Nexans was known as a good workplace with an excellent reputation and excellent products. - We are known in the industry, says Stig, and elaborates: - But in terms of reaching those who are not in the business – that is where we have a job to do. I am proud to work here and I want to show others why, he concludes.