NexCalc Calculation program (current version 1.13)

for both heating cables and heating cable mats

Due to a certificate issue in version 1.10 the update function is not working. To install 1.13 please uninstall the program and reinstall the latest version (1.13).

With the NexCalc you can:

  • Work with more than one project at a time.
  • Download the application and work online/offline. The locally installed version is also able to save
    projects in ncp format.
  • Do calculations with heating cable mats in addition to heating cables
  • Easily define your room/area, without any use of complex coordinates. 

Easy to use:

  1. Choose project type and enter project data (address, name of installer, etc.).
  2. Define physical data (room size, floor type, heat demand, etc.).
  3. Choose product family or product type (For example TXLP/2R).
  4. Check the results. You can do any corrections by checking “User selected products”.
  5. Print your report (pdf) and save your project if you need, in ncp format.

Project types in NexCalc:

  • Floor heating.  
  • Snow and ice melting (area).  
  • Snow and ice melting in stairs.   
  • Frost protection of gutters and drains.  
  • Frost protection of pipes.

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