Nexans Solutions for ROV and Seismic.

Mostly used at depth in the area 2000-4000m The ROVs are used for trenching, drilling and maintenance

ROV-Seismikk - oversikt w650

Soft umbilicals
These are umbilicals for use at deeper lengths. The cable is armoured with reinforced yarns and covered by a sheath of thermoplastic elastomers.

Heavy tether
This tether has the smallest diameter, and therefore provides the longest working cable. It carries its own weight in water

Buoyant tether
The Buoyant tether is built up similar to the heavy tether, but with a different armoring. This tether has almost no weight in water. This is typically delivered from 350m.
Towed seismic, oceanographic cables and components
We deliver towed cables and accessories for standard 2D and 3D seismic operators, electromagnetic systems requiring both standard and more specialized cables, and environmental monitoring cables.

Bottom-laid seismic
Our bottom-laid systems include array cables, back-bone cables, static and dynamic risers, along with components for fiber optic and electrical systems. We hold the world record for risers with a delivery of 768 fibers in a static riser to the Ekofisk field