Nexans concept

•    All components, as electric and fiber optic elements, are self produced. Components- and full scale testing are performed at our own plants.
•    Both design- and engineering departments aim to be innovative and use new technology / materials in our cables.

ROV-Seismikk - Nexans konsept w212For ROV the Nexans solution provides you:
• Deeper operational possibilities due to new designs and materials
• More power over longer lengths with higher voltages (e.g. 6.6 kV) available in a more compact cable
• Tailor-made designs for virtually every type of ROV
• Reliable fiber optic elements due to tough steel-tube designs
• Long operational lifetime with proven performance over decades
• Easy to maintain in salt water through simple greasing, cleaning and hosing
• The fiber element can be used for measuring winch temperature, pressure and monitoring of strain
• High tensile strength due to special armoring protection, including both steel or reinforced yarns
• Versatility in both cold and extremely hot conditions

For Seismic the Nexans solution gives you:

• Hassle-free operations due to system reliability and durability
• Important time-savings since there are fewer failures, re-terminations or cable replacements
• No or low maintenance due to termination strength and no water ingress
• Reliable signaling due to strong outer sheath and armoring
• Both permanent or retrievable systems are available