Marked Trends

ROV Seismikk - Oceaneering w212The oil and gas industry is continuing to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and exploit new fields. The world is increasingly relying on offshore resources, and to ensure future supplies, it is also moving into deeper waters.

Challenges especially for ROV
•    Heavy equipment at depths

•    Increased power, up to 6.6 kV

•    Limited space topside / winch

•    Incrreased operational workload
•    Environmentally friendly solutions

Challenges especially for Seismic
ROV-Seismikk-utfordringer w212For bottom laid seismic systems there is a demand for cost effective solutions. Nexans contribute by delivering fibers, electric cables and components.

For towed seismic there is a demand for innovative thinking. Nexans has the capacity and opportunity to be your partner.