Soil heating

Frostsikring - Jordoppvarming

Cold Climate
In several places around the world, the climate is relatively cold much of the year. This can set limitations on the use of sports fields and farmland (e.g. greenhouses). By installing heating cables in the soil, the season can be extended considerably. Heating cables from Nexans have been installed in both greenhouse and football venues around the world.

For soil heating in greenhouses and similar, approximately 5W/m² per. degree Celsius the temperature of the soil should be increased is necessary. For example, if the soil temperature is to be increased by about 15°C, 15 x 5 = 75 W/m² is required. For soil heating in sports arenas, area power in the range 60-90W/m² is normally installed.

Placement of the heating cable and installation is determined in each case. In most cases laid heating cable in connection with excavation, and at installations in football fields can heat cable is plowed down in the existing pavement with special plow. When laying large heating cable lengths it is important to ensure that the cable is not exposed to large tensile forces.