Espen Doedens

27, R&D project engineer, 3 years at Nexans

Espen Doedens

- As a project engineer in the R&D (Research and developement) department, my working day is very varied.

Electrical, chemical and mechanical solutions
- A lot of my work involves using electrical, chemical and mechanical solutions to develop equipment that we then test extensively. Materials science plays a key role and we have many highly skilled specialists in the company who help me in my job.


High voltage testing - my favorite
- One day we might be building and testing stuff under several hundred kilovolts, and the next day doing tensile testing under many tonnes of load. With my electrical background, it's high voltage testing I enjoy the most. In R&D, we have our own lab for high voltage testing and I've spent many hours testing different types of cables and equipment. And we're taking things even further. Right now we're working on the successful solutions we've developed so far to perform even more demanding tests.


Office in Sweden once a week
- Since I live in Gothenburg, Nexans’ new offices at Lindholmen are ideal for me. I get to work there once a week on drawings, calculations and instructions, which allows me more time to spend on renovating my house in Gothenburg.