Floor thickness max 30 mm

varmekabler rehab byggh maks 30 mmGranted the possibility to increase the floor thickness by up to 30 mm, conventional heating cables may be the best choice for renovation projects. As the cables are normally installed in a thinner layer of screed than in new constructions, cables with reduced linear power are often recommended. Under any circumstances, the subfloor must be leveled and stable.

MILLIMAT® - the thinnest solution for renovation projects
MILLIMAT® is ideal for use in renovation projects due to its slim construction, and it and can be used in all types of room. It is designed for embedding in screed, providing a comfortable, safe and economical heating. MILLIMAT® has a negligible magnetic field and is only 4.5 mm thick. It can easily be adapted to the shape of the room, and can be installed directly in tile adhesive or embedded in self-leveling screed.

MILLIMAT/100 is intended for rooms like kitchen, hallways, living rooms, etc., and may be installed on any surface (including combustible surfaces).

MILLIMAT/150 is suitable for bathrooms, WC or other rooms with higher power requirements, and shall only be installed on non-combustible surfaces.

Suitable for rooms where the floor can be raised a maximum of 30 mm above the existing floor, and there are requirements for precise installation around corners, drains, toilet bowl, etc.

In floors where an as high as possible area power is required or desired (around 150W/m²), using 10W/m type of cable results in a very small distance between the cable strands. This is, in itself, an approved installation, but not necessary in floors approaching 30 mm thickness. From around 130W/m², is it perfectly all right to use heating cable with a linear power of 17W/m, also in low profile floors.

Temperature regulation
Thin floors facilitate easy thermal regulation, with efficient night setback or timer functionality. In wet rooms, the use of floor sensor is recommended.