Heating in joist beam wooden floors

Varmekabler i trebjelkelag

There is no absolute requirement for embedding heating cables in concrete or screed when installing electric underfloor heating. One option is to mount the heating cables in the airspace between wooden joists.

Many may not have been aware that heating cables can be installed in floors without the use of any kind of screed. Actually, this method for heating the floor has been described for several decades, and the most common approach is to mount heating cables on e.g. chicken mesh which has been suspended between the joists.

When installing electric heating in wooden floors, there are some additional factors that must be taken into consideration compared to that of installation in concrete floor constructions. Hardwood floors normally consist of combustible materials and the installed power must be adapted accordingly. Normally the installed power, both the linear and the area power, is slightly lower. Electric underfloor heating systems installed in joist beam wooden floors must always be calculated and planned by skilled personnel (normally an electrician or consultant).