Heating cables

When choosing the N-HEAT® electrical heating solutions you choose undisputable quality, a century of experience and reliability of an industry leader.


A new edition of the N-HEAT® catalogue for 2020 is now available.
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Nexans can offer a number of applications for outdoor use, which will ensure a safe and problem free winter.
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We offer solutions for new building constructions, renovations projects, bathrooms and other wet rooms, wooden floors, parquet and laminate floors.
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The N-HEAT® story
The Kremlin, the Sivas stadium in Turkey, the Bird’s nest and other Olympic sites in China all have one thing in common with thousands of office buildings and private homes – electrical heating solutions from Nexans. In fact, the heating cable was invented in Norway in 1926. Since then, we have produced and marketed high quality heating cables in every corner of the world. For the past 100 years we have focused on the continuous development of heating solutions, constantly exceeding the demands of the market.

Today, our leading heating concept, N-HEAT®, is the obvious choice for maximum comfort and reliability. The high quality heating solutions are easy to install, durable and energy saving – keeping people safe and healthy.

Good planning is essential in ensuring that a heated floor will provide the best possible comfort, longevity and be energy efficient. Selection of cable shall be based on the type of heating cable systems, floor construction, power requirements etc. On these pages you will find an overview of common applications for Nexans heating cables and related products. Please observe that these web pages provide only general recommendations. National regulations, standards and requirements for installation must be followed.

Heating cables from Nexans
Heating cables have been manufactured in Norway since they were invented by Nexans in 1926, and today the manufacturing plant is located at Langhus, 20 km south of Oslo. The Langhus plant also houses our logistics center, serving customers both in Norway and in our export markets.