Nexans Norway Centenary!

With roots that go back to 1915, we have advanced the technology step by step and we have evolved in line with changing demand in society. From when we laid our first power cable in 1919, through our telecommunications and cable solutions, we have continued to make improvements, both in society and in people's quality of life. We have contributed to building Norway, and have linked people and nations together.

Nexans Norway started out as Skandinaviske Kabel- og Gummifabrikker in 1915, and was later incorporated under household names; the likes of ITT and Alcatel. Today, the name is Nexans Norway, and we are part of the Nexans Group, one of the world's leading cable manufacturers.  

With around 1600 employees and five manufacturing plants at Halden, Namsos, Rognan, Langhus and Karmøy, we maintain a valued presence in Norwegian communities. Nexans Norway continues to play a key role in the Norwegian oil boom, and supplies innovative solutions, day-in and day-out, to our customers in a diverse range of product segments and market sectors. Thanks to the skills and innovations of our employees, we can take pride in remembering a series of landmark events in our business. It is the sum of these that has enabled us to reach our centenary, and will drive our success for the next 100 years.

Global demand for energy is expected to grow by 35 percent towards 2035, and renewable energy accounts for an increasingly greater share of this growth. Closely allied with its customers, Nexans will continue to develop, manufacture and supply products and solutions to help meet tomorrow's demand and create a bright and sustainable future.   

Nexans brings energy to life!


Anne-Lise Aukner
Managing Director, Nexans Norway