Riffgat - windfarm

Trenching in the winter season in a challenging environment.

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Riffgat HV-cable w120Project description:

  • Installation and trenching of 33 array cables.

Project challenges:

  • The work had to be performed in the winter season.
  • Requirement of minimum 1 meter burial depth.
Riffgat w120 Nexans' solution:
  • Capjet ® performed all infield trenching on the Riffgat project in Germany during the winter season 2012-2013.
  • All 33 cables were buried down to 1.5 meters depth and an as-trenched survey was performed by the Capjet ®.
  • The full length from windmill to windmill was protected with the Capjet, eliminating the requirement for additional protection by mattress or rockdumping.  
  • The entire project (installation and trenching) was performed with a single vessel.