Nexans advanced Aero-Z® design

Nexans advanced Aero-Z® designFor all the foregoing conductors, in addition to the conventional design with round wires, Nexans can also supply a compact design with Z-shaped interlocking wires. It reduces drag, reduces galloping probabilities, lowers grease loss (impedes internal corrosion) and snow accretion, and raises ampacity about 20% (depending on OHL design conditions) in an equivalent diameter or reduces Joule losses by 15% at the same ampacity.

Aero-Z® has equivalent accessories, and can be installed in the same way and with the same equipment as conventional conductors.
The Z shape Aluminium wires were first designed and commercialized by Nexans in middle 70’s, becoming a revolution on the electrical market and remaining as one of the most important milestones achieved by a European manufacturer.

An African premiere: Nexans installed 132 kV AAAC Aero-Z conductors on a 264-km-long line between Nigeria and Niger. Combined with capacitive compensation, this allows a total increase of electrical capacity by 75% between the two countries. Nearly 900 km of the same conductor were also recently installed in Peru to resolve problems related to Joule losses and the corona effect.