Hans Kvarme

36 years old, project engineer, 11 years at Nexans

Learn something new every day
Hans-Kvarme_03_w250He has his hands full, both at home and at work. As a father of four children, he's not really short of leisure activities. He still manages to pull around a full cycle trailer, if he's not out for a run. But he really doesn't want more free time: "I'm motivated by the job because it is so interesting to get involved in and I learn something new every single day."

Having studied Energy and the Environment at NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, in Trondheim, he developed an interest in cables. Following a company presentation of Nexans at NTNU, a factory visit to Halden and a chance summer job at the Langhus factory, the choice wasn't that hard. An application was made and he soon got his first job at Nexans with a development study on extruded HVDC cables, which he worked on for a year.
Good market overview
After that Hans transferred to delivery projects for high-voltage subsea cables, such as Long Island Replacement Cable, Kollsnes, Dong Energy, as well as projects in Thailand and Malaysia.
He then started working on technical tender support and enjoyed getting involved in, and gaining an overview of, all the projects on the market, both those that Nexans won and all the others. This job gave him a good insight into the high-voltage subsea cable market worldwide. Presently he has advanced to a department leader, in which he also works with offers for Hybrid Underwater Cables and Direct Electrical Heating systems.

Close dialog with colleagues and customers
Hans-Kvarme_01_w250The day-to-day tendering work consists of dealing with all kinds of challenges and requirements from the customers through close cooperation with the marketing department. Besides reading documentation, the cables and type of equipment the customer needs are calculated. This involves attending customer meetings and a lot of internal contact with colleagues working with the legal, planning, purchasing, finance and installation departments. "The good thing is that you can be in close dialog with both colleagues and customers."

"Hands on"
The nature of the work means he's not always sitting at his desk, but is very ”hands on” – and that was what attracted him. "The physical aspects of a cable are awesome", Hans thinks, explaining: "Water depth, length of cable, voltage and transmission capacity can be incredibly impressive."

Take the initiative
One of the most interesting things is that there is always something new happening: new requests and requirements specifications mean that, almost every time, a new twist or new way of optimizing the customer's solutions has to be worked out.  "I like the fact that there are uncertainties that have to be examined in detail and that this is not simply a join-the-dots job", he says.
"The great thing about my job at Nexans is that I'm making good progress and getting to understand everything about the job. I still learn new things every day and still have challenges to master."