Safanyia land to platform connections

Safania w510


Safania2 w120Project description:

  • To supply high voltage submarine cables to Saudi Aramco's Safaniya field.


Customer challenges:

  • Two new connection platforms are to be provided with power from shore in Saudi Arabia in order to upgrade the installations for crude oil production and power supply in the Arabia Gulf in the Safaniya field.


Safaniya transportation w120

Nexans' solutions:

  • Nexans supplied 45.6 km of 230 kV XLPE-insulated subsea cable with a copper cross-section of 3x630 mm2 and one 48 SMFO (Single Mode Fiber Optic) element.
  • Nexans also supplied a 43.8 km 115 kV XLPE cable with a copper cross-section of 3x400 mm2, and one 48 SMFO element.
  • The submarine power cables were manufactured at Nexans’ subsea cable factory in Halden and the optical fiber elements were manufactured at Nexans' factory in Rognan.
  • The cables were completed in January 2013.