London Array

Offshore Wind Farm

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MS references-content LondonArray-1 w120Project description:

  • The London Array contains 175 wind mills and two offshore substations that will collect the power for transfer into the British Grid through submarine cables.
  • The wind farm will generate up to 630MW, enough power for over 470.000 homes when the park is fully operational in the spring of 2013.
  • The wind farm is located in the North Sea in low depth 20 km away from the Kent and Essex shores in England. 


The customer’s challenge:

  • London Array is the world’s largest Wind farm so far, with a possibility of being extended to up to 870MW.
  • The export substations are collecting power form all of the windmills and the power is transferred through the export cable to the substation onshore.
  • The export cables are burried in the sea bed which is at a depth of 0 – 25m.


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Nexans' solutions:

  • Nexans has developed, produced and delivered four 150kV XLPE submarine cables being laid in parallel to the substations.
  • Each cable is 55km long and contains fiber elements produced in Nexans’ factory in Rognan for communication and temperature monitoring of the export cables.
  • Nexans has connected the cables on the offshore substations and the onshore substation.