Nexans' answers

Complete installations

SFS total solution w230Nexans’ solutions connect local, regional and national networks. For submarine fiber-optical cables, we supply complete installations, from prequalification and design to custom production, logistics, installation and testing.

World record for the number of fibers

Our submarine fiber-optical cables have from two fibers upwards in a single cable, with 24 or 48 fibers typically covering most needs. Nexans has the world record for the number of fibers - 768 in a bundled cable.
Two fibers can cover phone calls between 300 million people simultaneously. Expectations of live images everywhere, over mobile phone for example, require the installation of optical fibers to all nodes in the network. Optical fiber is currently the only medium capable of carrying such massive volumes of data.

Broadband of the future

We are still in the early stages of the digital era and the capacity increase for local and regional bandwidth is expected to burgeon even more. Nexans supplies fiber-optical cables for international and regional networks with large numbers of fibers to allow our customers to meet this future demand.

Nexans' expertise - a solid foundation for development

  • We have a century of solid experience from challenging maritime conditions behind us, not least due to Norway's 100,000 km long coastline. Each Norwegian has on average 20 metres of coastline to him or herself; compare that to the UK, Japan and Indonesia (0.25 metres per inhabitant) and Singapore and the USA (0.05 metres).
  • From the very start of the Norwegian oil adventure, we have contributed to the development of communication and control solutions for oil and gas activities offshore. 
  • We have delivered solutions ranging from short lengths for river and fjord crossings to intercontinental interconnectors.
  • We also supply cable accessories, including protective devices, branching units, anchoring and terminations.