Tambau and Urugua

Complex delivery to join two fields

Umbilical-banner w510 umbilical Tambau 


TambauProject description:

  • The Tambau and Urugua oil and natural gas fields are deep-water fields situated in the Santos basin approx. 200 km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The water depth is 1500 metres.
  • The umbilicals will link the FPSO vessel Cidade de Santos MV20, which serves the Tambau and Urugua oil and gas fields, with subsea manifolds and then connect the manifolds to the production wells.

Challenges of the project:

  • The total weight was 2400 tonnes, which is considered to relatively heavy for umbilicals.
  • Petrobras will commence production from both fields shortly, and the umbilicals were designed and manufactured in record time for delivery in 2010.
  • The water depth is 1500 m.
Tambau Nexans' solution:
  • Nexans produced over 65 km of electrohydraulic umbilicals, split between 16 lengths. The umbilical was supplied with steel tubes, which is unusual in the Brazilian market.