First steel tube umbilical for Brazil

Mexilhào gas field in Brazil



Mexilhào 3Project description:

  • A Petrobras project (Petróleo Brasileiro SA): The Mexilhão gas field in the Santos basin off the coast of São Paulo commenced in 2008.
  • The depth is 500 metres.

The customer’s challenges:
A particularly challenging project...

  • because of high temperatures (130°C at the wellheads)
  • because of high water pressures reservoirs (700 bar)

... requiring very thick steel tube walls.

Mexilhào 2 Nexans' solution:
  • For the first time in Brazil, umbilicals were supplied with steel tubes only.
  • Two different dynamic umbilicals which tie the fixed platform to the subsea manifold and the manifold to the individual wellheads.
  • Seven static control umbilicals.
  • Total length of umbilicals approx.. 59 km.
  • The dynamic umbilicals are used for the electronic control of systems on the seafloor, and for the injection of hydraulic and chemical fluids.