Complete delivery of umbilical, power umbilical and DEH

Umbilical-banner w510 umbilical Tyrihans 


Nexans DEH Tyrihans 2 w120 Project description:

  • Tyrihans is tied back to the Kristin A floating platform in the Norwegian Sea, about 200 km west of Sandnessjøen. The field is operated by Statoil.
  • The area is 18 km long and 6 km wide at a sea depth of 280 metres.
  • Production start-up in the middle of 2009.

Challenges of the project:

  • The Tyrihans project uses cutting edge technology to reduce carbon emissions and enhance oil recovery
  • Complex umbilical design combined with high-voltage power cables
Nexans DEH Tyrihans 1 w120 Nexans' solution:
  • Nexans supplied a 32-km power umbilical, a 44-km main umbilical and a 700-metre SSIV umbilical (subsea intervention valve umbilical).