BP King Subsea Pump

First power umbilical with steel tubes

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BP KingProject description:

  • The BP King Field is situated in the Gulf of Mexico. The depth is 1700 metres.
  • In 2005, Nexans won the contract for this project, which forms part of the framework agreement with BP.
  • The delivery includes power umbilicals for the operation of multiphase pumps.

Challenges of the project:

  • The world’s first steel tube umbilical with integrated high voltage cable.
  • The concept of integrating a high voltage cable with a control umbilical is very challenging from both a mechanical and an electrical design perspective, with electrical interference between the cables and inductive losses in the steel tubes representing particular challenges.
  • An additional challenge is the fact that the cables will operate at depths of over 1700 metres.

Nexans' solution:

  • Nexans delivered a dynamic power umbilical of 23,352 metres and a static power umbilical of 4190 metres.
  • Integrating power and control umbilicals into a single unit makes the provision of high voltage (24 kV) in deep water possible. Installing a single combined unit is both cost-saving and rational compared with a split solution involving several umbilicals.