Na Kika

Ground-breaking sea depths

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Na KikaProject description:

  • The Na Kika project is situated in the Gulf of Mexico, around 230 km southeast of New Orleans, at a depth of 2300 metres.
  • Shell was the operator during the development phase, while BP took over during the production phase.
  • Total length 145 km.
  • Electrohydraulic umbilicals and flying leads (short, simple umbilical lengths). 

Challenges of the project:

  • Ground-breaking sea depths. Installation of umbilicals down to 2300 metres.
  • Comprehensive and complex project.

NaKika umbilical w120Nexans' solution:

  • Initially, ten umbilicals totalling 94 km were delivered to Shell in 2003.
  • IIn subsequent phases, more umbilicals have been delivered to BP. In 2006, 28 km and in 2009, 23 km, and further development of the field is under way.