First centre tube umbilical

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Norne w120Project description:

  • Norne is situated around 80 kilometres north of the Heidrun Field in the North Sea.
  • The depth of the sea in the area is 380 metres.
  • The field has been developed using a production and storage vessel, the “Norne FPSO”, connected to seven subsea manifolds.
  • Project duration 1995 – 2011.

 The customer’s challenges:

  • The first dynamic centre tube umbilical in the world.
  • The first FPSO (floating platform) so far north with demanding weather conditions.
  • Exacting requirements for dynamic analysis.
Norne1 w120

Nexans' solution:

  • Nexans was responsible for the design, development, production, delivery, testing and unloading of a customised static umbilical consisting of steel tubes for fluids and 1.5 kV power cables.
  • Nexans supplied umbilicals for control and chemical injection for the first seven subsea manifolds.
  • Nexans has since delivered umbilicals for associated fields such as Stær and Svale (Urd), Alve and Norne M and in 2011 for Marulk, a further branch from the Alva Field, 13.5 km away.