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Nexans keeps oil and gas flowing both upstream and downstream

Nexans' answersNexans is present at every level of oil and gas production, providing a wide range of energy and telecom cables for offshore exploration, production, processing, storage and transport. We are constantly improving installation techniques, as well as trenching and burying systems for cables on the seabed.

Our innovative technologies include long-length, deepwater power umbilicals to meet the rising power needs for pumps and subsea processing. Nexans also provides high-speed fiber and copper backbones for data transfer and remote control applications.

Nexans Norway is a manufacturer and supplier of advanced subsea products and services for the oil and gas industry, including power cables, Direct Electrical Heating and umbilicals. The company has a totally integrated umbilical operation, from engineering and steel tube welding, manufacturing and installation to qualification testing and hook-up.

Nexans Norway introduced the first steel tube umbilical in 1993, and the first dynamic steel tube umbilical in 1995. The company has supplied more than 1,800km of umbilicals, including a record-breaking length of 144 km to Statoil's Snøhvit and an installation depth of 2,300m to the Na Kika project.

Customized offshore solutions include:

  • electrical direct electrical-heating cables to keep pipelines flowing
  • sheathings that resist sea salt, chemicals and “mud”
  • advanced fire-performance products
  • customized software for the optimal installation of dynamic risers.

Increasingly, Nexans is playing an important advisory and service role in the offshore world, which includes :

  • seismic exploration,
  • planning of ultra-deepwater architecture and technology,
  • ROV operation,
  • simulations and testing,
  • telecommunications networks (including offshore Internet networks),
  • oil-field infrastructure upgrades,
  • training, maintenance,
  • and even cable removal and recycling.

Nexans takes an integrated approach to your needs

  • cables for all applications, from exploration and production, processing and transport
  • full range of LV/MV/HV power cables for wells and platforms
  • deepwater long-distance umbilicals with increased power capacity (up to 36kV)
  • advanced fiber/copper WANs and LANs for shore-to-platform and inter-platform fiber-optic communication systems
  • standard and interconnective solutions for high availability worldwide
  • high performance in tough conditions, including heat, cold, saltwater, “mud,” and oil
  • installation expertise for deepwater seafloor and seafloor-to-surface systems
  • reduced weight and volume through XLPE cable designs
  • superior fire performance to safeguard people and equipment
  • full range of customized accessories, including wet-mate connector technologies