Hywind - floating windpower

Hywind ©Nexans

Project description:

  • Hywind ©Solberg Production - StatoilStatoil’s ”Hywind Pilot” was put into test operation off the island of Karmøy in the autumn of 2009 and is the world’s first full-scale floating wind turbine.
  • Hywind is a concept for producing wind power on depths between 120 to 700 meters.
  • The installation was officially inaugurated on 8 September 2009. 

Customer’s challenges:

  • To develop a new technology to meet future energy requirements.
  • The wind turbine is being tested over a two-year period in order to gather information and data for use in further developing the concept, so that floating windpower will be able to compete on the energy market.

Hywind ©Trude Refsahl – Statoil Nexans’ solutions:

  • Nexans Norway supplied the 15MW cable that connects the turbine to the island of Karmøy and the transformer station located there. The factory in Halden designed, manufactured and tested the 13.6 km long 24 kV XLPE-insulated submarine cable, while the Rognan factory supplied the integrated fibre-optic element.
  • The turbine is sited 10 km off Karmøy and the cable was installed by Nexans. 
  • Nexans is also supplying equipment for connecting/disconnecting high-voltage plant on the seabed, an important factor in the future development of this concept.