Bessakerfjellet Wind farm

Bessakerfjellet, Norway

Bessakerfjellet, Norway (w120)Project description:

  • The Bessakerfjellet wind farm comprises the areas of Mehøgda, Storhøgda and Blåfjellet in Roan municipality in the county of Sør-Trøndelag.
  • The installation consists of 25 wind turbines, each with an output of 2.3 MW. Average annual production is estimated at 176 GWh.

Customer’s challenges:

  • The customer required a complete solution with specially adapted unspliced TSLF-O 24 kV cable lengths, from the secondary station to the turbines and between the turbines.
  • The distance between the turbines is approximately 200 to 300 metres.
  • A potential need for fibre to be blown in at a later date.

Bessakerfjellet, Norwy (w120, 2)Nexans’ solutions:

  • In order to reduce costs, each length and drum were uniquely marked to ensure simple and efficient progress in the project.
  • The wind farm is managed remotely from TrønderEnergi’s control centre via fibre cables that were blown into the TSLF-O cables, the three power phases having been twisted along with three empty tubes in the spaces between the twists to allow the future blowing of fibre cables.

Photo credits: TrønderEnergi