Wolfe Island

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Project description:

  •  The Wolfe Island Wind Project consists of 86 2.3 MW wind turbines located on Wolfe Island, at the eastern end of Lake Ontario, in operation from 2008. 

Customer challenges:

  • Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation (CREC), a subsidiary of Canadian Hydro Developers Inc., needed design, manufacturing and supply of a world record-breaking high-voltage submarine power cable for the Wolfe Island Wind Project, near Kingston, Ontario, in Canada. 

Wolfe Iland w120Nexans'  solutions:

  • The 7.8 km long cable was at the time the world’s first 3-core XLPE submarine cable to achieve a voltage rating of 245 kV.
  • The Nexans cable will be laid on the bottom of the St Lawrence River, at a maximum water depth of 23 m.

Photo Credit: Trudy deRuiter