Lynn and Inner Dowsing wind farm

Lynn og Inner Dowsing w510

Lynn Dowsing 2 w120Project description:

  • Delivery in 2007 to Centrica Energy’s Lynn and Inner Dowsing offshore wind farms in Greater Wash, five kilometres off the Lincolnshire coast.
  • Lynn and Inner Dowsing are two adjacent wind farms of 90 MW each. Each comprises up to 30 wind turbines in rows.
  • They have a combined capacity of a 194 MW and will meet the annual power requirements of more than 130,000 homes.
Customer challenges:
  • Required 40 km of cable to export power from the offshore wind farms to shore, and 32 km of cable between the rows to link the individual wind turbines. 
  • Also required the supply of power and fibre optic accessories, terminations and splices
Lynn Dowsing 1 w120Nexans' solutions: 
  • The contract comprised 72 km of three-core 36 kV subsea high-voltage XLPE cable, including a fibre optic element.  

Photo credits: Centrica