Smøla Wind farm

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Project description:

  • Smøla Wind Farm on Smøla Island in Møre og Romsdal is situated on flat, open terrain 10–40 metres above sea level, and the wind turbines are built along elevations in the terrain. 
  • The wind farm was built in two stages: stage 1 was opened in September 2002 and stage 2 in September 2005.  
  • The installation comprises 68 wind turbines with annual power production of 450 GWh.

 Customer challenges:

  • The distance between the wind turbines in each row varies between 240 and 350 metres.  
  • The distance between the rows varies between 700 and 1,000 metres. 
 Smøla 3 w120 

SmølaNexans' solutions:

  • A complete solution with specially adapted unspliced TSLF 24 kV cable lengths, from the secondary station to the turbines and between the turbines. In order to reduce costs, each length and drum were uniquely marked to ensure simple and efficient progress in the project. 
  • For stage 1, Nexans supplied 5km of TKRA 145 kV marine cable with 3 x 500 mm2 cores and a shorter length of 145 kV TSLE underground cable of 630 mm2 



Photo credits: Aslak Øverås, Statkraft