Horns Rev II

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Project description:

  • Horns Rev II w120-1Interconnection of 91 wind turbines at Horns Rev II, and a central offshore transformer station.
  • The wind farm is located on a sandbank 27-41 km off the west coast of Denmark. 

Customer challenges:

  • Interconnecting the wind farm, arranged in 13 rows each with seven turbines. Each turbine supplies 2.3 MW, and the total installed output will equal approximately 210 MW.
  • The cables are burried at water depths of 9-18 metres.

Horns Rev II w120-2Nexans' solutions:

  • Supply 70 km medium-voltage (MV) subsea power cables for the Danish offshore wind farm Horns Rev 2 by 2010.  
  • For Horns Rev 2, the Nexans Group also supplied a high-voltage (HV) subsea cable connecting the wind farm with the Danish onshore power grid.

Photo credit: Dong Energy