CATV cables

These coaxial cables are used to deliver television and Internet to apartment blocks, hotels and clusters of small homes. A hybrid version combines coax with Cat 5 copper.

Nexans supplies Norway's two largest Cable TV companies

 CATV cables

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Stamkabel KTV
Telecom (copper and coax)/Koaksialkabel utendørs

Coaxial cables for CATV networks. Conductor out of solid copper, copper-plated aluminium or copper-plated-steel.

Koaksialkabel innendørs
Telecom (copper and coax)

Get connected with the digital world : solutions for a good reception of hertzian channels, satellite TV and FM.

In order to answer the consumers' increasing demand concerning the reception quality, Nexans offers a wide range of CATV cables. Thanks to our inert gas injection manufacturing process, we significantly improve the quality of the dielectric and specially its resistance to ageing. In the same way, the manufacturing of our products guarantees excellent weakening results :

  • 19 dB to 800 MHz for the 21VATCA and 21 PATCA
  • 18 dB to 800 MHz for the 19 VATC and the 19 PATC
  • 16,6 dB to 800 MHz for the 17 VATC

To make the installation easier, all our products are compatible with the "F" connecting plugs.

Indoor installation

  • White PVC
  • 25 VRTM
  • 21 VATCA
  • 19 VATC
  • 17 VATC

Outdoor installation

  • Bl...