Become an Installation Partner

Two levels of installation programme are available:

Registered Installer (RI)

This is available to all applicants and enables you to offer the online Nexans Link Warranty

Certified Solution Partner (CSP)

This is a fully approved status available to installers meeting additional requirements and is subject to evaluation and approval.

A summary of the programmes is detailed below:

  Registered Installer (RI) Certified Solution Partner (CSP)
Typical Profile

Installation based company primarily working on a large number of smaller installations.

Technically competent

Financially stable

Committed to customer service

Committed to partnership

Installer involved with larger projects

Nexans sales target (defined at country level)                                                                        
Technically competent, sometimes with some integration skills.

Financially stable and able to support larger projects

Committed to customer service

Committed to partnership

Project design capability

Project planning and management capability.

Authorised to supply...

LANmark or essential standard copper solutions, with Nexans 25 year Link Warranty. 

LANmark copper & fibre with full Certified System Warranty

Certification  Company only Company & minimum of 2 individual engineers
 Warranty Information Link Warranty Certificate Certified System Warranty
Application Process Application Form

Application Form



Contractual Agreement  

Training and/or Qualifications No formal training is mandatory. Product familiarisation may be available on request. Mandatory Nexans Qualified Supervisor training.