Energy networks / building infrastructure

HV/MV XLPE underground cables and joints

  • For underground ducts or galleries
  • To maintain reliable power for all vital airport applications
  • Cold-shrink joints make installation easier

These cables and joints currently equip Madrid Barajas and Korea's Incheon airports, and are being installed in Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow.


LV and MV cables

  • A wide range of cables and wires for overall energy supply, for lighting, heating, air conditioning, parking areas, etc.
  • Special versions include flat cables for modular lighting in corridors, and prewired conduits.

These cables fully comply with all international standards, and are widely used in airports around the world.


Fire-performance cables

  • Fire-reaction cables (up to 1 kV) prevent fire propagation and reduce smoke emission
  • Fire-resistant cables provide LV power for alarms, smoke evacuation

Nexans' fire-performance cables are used in Barcelona, Charles-de-Gaule (Paris), Nice and Bâle- Mulhouse airports.

Heating cables and mats

  • Roof de-icing
  • subsurface heating for outdoor public areas, including entrances, car ramps and parking areas.

Used in Nordic countries, China and North America to eliminate snow accumulation and ice, Nexans heating cables have already obtained important UL certification.

Energy networks / Building infrastructure