Communication network


LAN/WAN cabling systems

  • Fiber solutions for backbones and horizontal cabling
  • Copper solutions, from Category 5e to Category 6a and 7a, for horizontal cabling
  • Application : long runways and strategically-placed buildings impose campus-like requirements which are best met with combined fiber and copper.

Nexans solutions allow large hubs to operate over longer distances and at higher data speeds. Incheon International Airport in Korea, and Changi in Singapore both use our cables and systems, as well as JFK's Jet Blue terminal, and Phoenix Arizona's Sky Harbor International.


Active equipment, networking systems and accessories

  • Intelligent switches and converters
  • Installation : cable ducts, workstations and outside
  • Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet capacity for fiber and copperbased network infrastructures.

In Germany's Cologne-Bonn Airport, Nexans active network solutions are omnipresent: from baggage handling and transport, to administrative buildings, wireless and other outdoor applications. They have also been installed at Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf airports.


Optical fiber cables and interconnecting components

  • Multimode and singlemode fiber cables
  • Application : backbones for Voice-Data-Image and control applications within all-digital networks of modern airports based on Internet Protocol convergence
  • Fiber eliminates Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) in dense and "electrically polluted" environments

Nexans supplies optical fiber cables for Madrid Barajas Airport, and Optical Distribution Mainframes for network management at Charles-de-Gaulle airport in Paris.


Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM)

  • IIM enhances visibility of airport networks
  • Automatic mapping, locating, reporting and alerting on any event
  • 100% accurate records of cable routing, connectivity, device identification, status and location, etc.

Nexans LANsense IIM is being used at Korea's Incheon International Airport to monitor and control the communications network within an intelligent building infrastructure.


Bus, Batibus and Profibus cables

  • For controlling measurement and industrial applications in the maintenance hangar workshops
  • For building management: from security and lighting to indoor climate control

Omnipresent in the airport environment for controlling maintenance machinery and vital airport functions.

VDI, CCTV and VOIP cables

  • Integration of Voice-Data-Image, CCTV and Video-Over-IP cables
  • To assure all surveillance and access functions
  • A fiber link (sometimes with coaxial cables) handles multiple cameras where distance is a factor.

For sharp digital images and luggage tracking, IP cameras will eventually replace expensive CCTV cameras.

 Communication network