Nexans in Norway

Nexans Norway AS is a leading supplier of power, telecommunications, installations and heating cables in Norway, and is among the world’s leading manufacturers of offshore control cables and high-voltage submarine cables.

Nexans Norway AS develops, manufactures and markets submarine, land and offshore cables for power and telecommunication transmission. 

Nexans Skagerrak AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nexans Norway AS. Nexans Skagerrak AS is engaged in transport, laying and installation of submarine power cables and owns the cable laying vessel C/S Nexans Skagerrak.

Nexans Norway’s plants are located in Rognan, Halden and Langhus and the company’s head office is in Oslo. Nexans Norway has approx. 1600 employees.

Nexans Norway AS is part of the French Nexans group – one of the world’s largest cable manufacturers - and the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nexans participations SA in Paris.

Nexans Norway is owned by
Address: 4 allée de l’Arche, CS70088, 92070 Paris La Défense Cedex, France
RCS number: 393 525 852 RCS Paris

Nexans Norway - headquarter in Oslo