Low-voltage underground cables and accessories

Power LV Underground

  • For plant applications and subscriber distribution.
  • Accessories include LV cabinets and straight and branch joints.

The Danish power company Syd Energi installed 450 km of Nexans Axclight-O cables to modernize and expand their MV network. Extremely reliable, this directly-buriable cable contains up to 72 micro optical cables for communications.

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Underground low voltage cables provide the best of safety and environment-friendly conditions to subscribers.

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Nexans provides reliable products in conformity with the latest norms and standards, and the highest levels of security.

Our wide range of low-voltage cables provides safe and efficient energy links for all building needs. They are renowned for their protective coatings, tested materials, flexibility, color coding, and multipurpose use. Nexans ‘s aim is to combine various functions to save space and eliminate duplication.

“Rigid” wires and cables are used for fixed installations, and can be installed in tubes, moldings and baseboards.

“Flexible” wires and cables power light tools, appliances and moving industrial machines and equipment.