Overhead lines

Power Overhead lines

  • Aluminum conductor, steel or composite reinforced, all aluminum alloy conductors, and other overhead conductors.
  • New thermo-resistant conductors operate up to 220°C without increasing sag, and reducing tension on towers.
  • Nexans has also developed a new generation of insulated aerial lines.

Nexans provides an increasing number of power utilities worldwide with high temperature HV conductors, which allow higher transmission capacities compared to traditional conductors. Also, to prevent the theft of electricity in Argentina and Brazil, Nexans designed a concentric “anti-robbery” cable which has allowed power utilities to recoup 15% of lost output.

Related products and solutions

Bare Aluminium cables
Utility and Power Cables/Overhead lines

Bare Aluminium conductors are widely used and installed in overhead lines around the world.

There are differents Aluminium alloys for conductors, such as 1350 or EC-Electrical Conductor, alloys 6201 and 1120 for AAAC and thermal alloys to be operated in elevated temperatures (AT-1 for 150C and AT-3 for 210C).

These are the options to match the overhead lines projects suitably according to each needs.

Bare copper conductors
Utility and Power Cables/Overhead lines

Copper cords for overheadlines installed close the seas and/or poluted areas due to higher resistance to support environmental agressivity than Aluminium conductors.

Cross-sections from 16 mm² to 600 mm². .

Insulated conductors
Utility and Power Cables/Overhead lines

Insulated conductors for distribution lines, normally up to 140kV.


They are more reliable and safe than bare and covered conductors. 

Very appropriated in locals of high density population and trees areas.