Nexans Answers

Nexans helps you meet your network challenges: aerial, underground, and submarine

HV cablesNexans contributes to ensure the reliability and efficiency of many of the world’s power generation and transmission/distribution networks. Our expertise ranges from securing steady supplies of copper and aluminum to designing high-performance products, providing installation and training support, and helping our clients to recycle safely and efficiently.

Our energy and telecommunications cables and accessories are serving thermal and gas plants, hydro-electric installations and windfarms; and we are Nuclear Qualified for all types of reactors. Our local, national and international grid solutions include all technologies. Not only do we help customers design their plants and networks, we are also installation experts in all environments, using our own ROVs to lay HVAC/HVDC transmission lines on the seabed. Our innovations include high-capacity overhead and extra-high-voltage cables, and superconductivity. We have a full range of accessories, from 1 to 525 kV.


Nexans expertise for reliability and efficiency

  • Mastery of aerial, underground and submarine environments
  • Global expertise, from renewal of mature networks to electrification of slums and rural areas
  • Added-value, with power and telecommunications often combined in a single cable: e.g. Axclight
  • Advanced R&D for superconductivity underground, composite materials for aerial lines
  • Reliable delivery through dedicated logistics, and plant capacity worldwide
  • Unsurpassed installation experience, using advanced equipment and software
  • Complete range of purposedesigned splices, terminations, transition joints
  • Compliance with IEC, NF, BS, CENELEC, CSA, ASTM, EDF, ICEA, etc.
  • Training for cable operators, maintenance personnel, HV joiners
  • Close partnership with power utilities, independent systems operators (ISOs), engineering procurement and construction companies (EPCs), installers and subcontractors