Market challenges

New power perspectives

New power perspectivesWorldwide electricity consumption is increasing 2.4% annually, with Asia increasing by 3.7%. However, there are still 1.6 billion people in the world without electricity, and this could reach 2 billion by 2020. For decades, there has been heated discussion about the cheapest, most efficient and safest way of producing electricity. In the wake of blackouts, there is also growing concern about transmission and distribution. Infrastructure reliability and grid interconnectability are now seen as the keys to a sustainable supply of electrical power.


Developing nations are rapidly "electrifying", while developed ones are integrating their networks, often continentally. The fuel of choice has been shifting from coal and oil to cleaner burning natural gas. Massive windfarms are underway, hydro electricity is expanding, and nuclear sites are being upgraded. All players want to secure sources of supply, improve reliability and efficiency, and assure environmental protection.

What power utilities expect from cable manufacturers

  • Advanced knowledge of all power plant types, and their cabling needs
  • A comprehensive range of high-quality transmission and distribution cables and accessories
  • Turnkey capability for high voltage transmission links, both underground and submarine
  • Expertise and engineering assistance at the design stage
  • Advanced data and telecom cables (including broadband capacity cables) for control and grid management
  • Ability to transport, deliver, install, and maintain anywhere in the world
  • Constant innovation in areas like Extra-High-Voltage (EHV) and superconductivity
  • Full environmental responsibility, including recycling.